Pulling You Out of the Shadows

The girls and I were out having dinner last night, when I spotted an old college classmate of Jason’s. She asked what I was up to? How was work? “I’m not working much right now,” I told her. “But I’m writing a lot.” She asked what I was writing. I tripped over words, trying to find the best, short explanation.

“She’s writing a book about ME!” said Grace. I cringed.

Kali was sitting quietly in her seat.

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Knowing Grace – Culture, Identity, and Evolution

We live in Washington, DC, where we are fortunate to have access to many resources for deaf children and their families. One of these was the parent infant program, called PIP, at Gallaudet University, where we were welcomed with warmth and understanding when Grace was a baby. In the midst of my overwhelming sense of loss and confusion, and my struggle over how best to help my daughter, I had, in the Deaf community, an option for solace.

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I have noticed myself getting a little smothery at bedtime lately. A little desperate in my snuggling, as I sniff deeply the smell of Kali’s hair, or hug Grace a little too tightly before I leave their rooms. I try not to think too often about how quickly these girls – now nearly ten and just turned twelve – have sprouted. How relatively few years remain before they fly out of the house.

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